Greening your title
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Greening your title




It facilitates the permanent protection of the important values of the land according to the terms of the covenant while allowing the landowner to retain possession of the land. [...] And since conservation covenants can be – and should be – tailored to meet the needs of both the land being protected and the parties involved in the protection of the land, the best practices in one situation may differ from the best practices in another. [...] In other cases, the landowner may wish to retain the right to live on the land for the length of the landowner’s life or the lifetime of a relative of the landowner. [...] The landowner and the covenant holder should consider the following steps in placing a conservation covenant on land: • identify the land to be protected; • identify the characteristics of the land that are in need of permanent protection, such as the special natural features, the important habitat values, or the heritage or cultural values; • determine the kinds of conservation practices that wil [...] PAGE 11 • negotiate the terms and conditions of the conservation covenant; • if the land is in the agricultural land reserve, obtain the approval of the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission; • have an appraisal completed; • prepare the conservation covenant document; • prepare a management plan and management agreement for the land where appropriate; • obtain a survey of the land, if necessary;

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