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[Report on aquaculture] : [Rapport sur l'aquaculture]




The Committee also aquaculture Act while at the same time identifying proposes that the new statute include a federal areas for harmonization of the regulatory and veto on aquaculture development in order to policy framework to ensure that federal and prevent the risk of approving an aquaculture site in provincial regulatory activities within each a potentially unsuitable location and that it be p [...] Five years after its launch, NASAPI has not delivered on one of the major Federal-Provincial Collaboration impediments to the growth of the industry in Canada, namely the lack of uniformity in federal/ As noted above, the specific division of roles and provincial aquaculture governance across the responsibilities in aquaculture carried out at the country. [...] The address, as a priority, the recurring issues raised Committee often heard during fact-finding missions during our hearings, such as the lengthy site across the country that the level of duplication and application and review process, the lack of confusion and the lack of uniformity in aquaculture uniformity from one province to another in the governance are compounded when considered duration [...] The new administration 5. That Fisheries and Oceans Canada work should be a one-stop shop responsible for with the provinces and the aquaculture all federal functions in aquaculture – industry to evaluate, within the next including those of the Canadian Food two years, new technologies and methods Inspection Agency, Environment Canada, for the effective management of aquatic Transport Canada, Fish [...] The techniques Aquaculture is the cultivation and harvesting of and technologies used in aquaculture vary aquatic organisms – finfish, shellfish, molluscs and depending upon the environment chosen and the aquatic plants.


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