An Introduction to Punctuated Equilibrium
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An Introduction to Punctuated Equilibrium




The way in which a public policy is discussed in public and in the media produces what Baumgartner T. and Jones term the policy image. [...] A In addition to the mechanism of conflict expansion, public policy's image is based on facts, or rather on a the punctuated equilibrium model refers to the set of facts, interpreted through a prism of beliefs interaction between two key concepts, policy and values. [...] A change in the environment, whether − Has there been an observable change in in the guise of a critical event or the intervention of a the media coverage? [...] For example, a Act in accordance with the policy's image municipal council may act as a governing authority (by banning smoking in local bars and restaurants, The more universally recognized a system's for example) and the same council may lend support positive image, the greater the subsystem's to another policy venue (by adopting a resolution in equilibrium and the more probable that policy favo [...] Thus, according to the punctuated weaken a policy's image and strengthen an equilibrium model, the stability of public policies and alternative image, attracting the interest of other their rapid change derive from the same process.

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