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A vision for renewing Riverview : Renewing Riverview : imagine the possibilities

15 Dec 2015

Its purpose is simple: to articulate a forward-thinking, creative and pragmatic vision for a Renewed Riverview — one that balances the social, economic and environmental objectives of the Province, the City of Coquitlam, the Kwikwetlem First Nation and the local community. [...] November 2012 To guide the discussion of the future use In respect of this interest and the Nation’s of the Riverview Lands, the KFN and BC ties to the land, in 2012 the Province and Housing signed a protocol agreement. [...] The KFN objective for highest and best use would be predicated on the maximization of a sustainable economic return to the Nation into the long term future.” — Chief Ron Giesbrecht of the Kwikwetlem First Nation 6 A VISION FOR RENEWING RIVERVIEW 2012 2013 2014 2015 THE VISIONING PROCESS The visioning process acknowledges that Riverview is public land, and as such, the public and other stakeholders [...] A commitment to preserving the natural landscape: VISION It is important to consider the impact on the natural habitat when determining the A commitment to maintaining open spaces: future use of the Riverview Lands, and use development as a catalyst to enhance and This remains one of the guiding principles protect the natural environment. [...] VISION THE RATIONALE Economic development is a key component A commitment to provide, where feasible, an assortment of services, amenities and of a balanced vision that considers Riverview businesses to serve the community and in the context of the region and city.
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