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"Provincial" immigrants




If you have comments or proposals regarding the CERIS Working Paper Series please contact the Editor at: (416) 946-3110 or e-mail at Copyright of the papers in the CERIS Working Paper Series is retained by the author(s) The views expressed in these Working Papers are those of the author(s), and opinions on the content of the Working Papers should be communicated directly [...] In addition, the paper addresses the themes of social and economic integration of immigrants, the perceptions of Toronto and its role for settlement in second-tier cities, the importance of the Internet in contemporary migration, and the role of pre-migration information in immigrant settlement choices and subsequent settlement experiences. [...] Below, we present a brief review of the recent literature on the topic of immigrant settlement outside of gateway cities in the four regions, and outline the gaps in this literature. [...] This proximity of the selected study cites to Toronto enabled us to examine the relationship between settlement in a second-tier city and the geographical proximity to the ethnic and institutional resources available in Toronto. [...] An overview of the interview themes was made available to all participants in advance of the interviews to allow them to review the material and prepare for the sessions.



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