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A detailed analysis of the productivity performance of the Canadian forest products sector since 2000




SECTOR SINCE 2000 Peter Harrison and Andrew Sharpe CSLS Research Report 2009-09 October 2009 Prepared for the Forest Products Association of Canada | By the Centre for the Study of Living Standards i A Detailed Analysis of the Productivity Performance of the Canadian Forest Products Sector Abstract The forest products sector in Canada has faced hard times since 2000. [...] The wood products manufacturing subsector accounts for the largest share of the output in the forest products sector. [...] Section five identifies factors that influence productivity growth in the forest products sector and discusses the role these factors have played in the recent evolution of productivity in the sector in Canada. [...] At all levels the first two digits always indicate the sector, the third digit the subsector, the fourth digit the industry group, and the fifth digit the industry. [...] The establishment, as a statistical unit, is defined as the most homogeneous unit of production for which the business maintains accounting records from which it is possible to assemble all the data elements required to compile the full structure of the gross value of production (total sales or shipments, and inventories), the cost of materials and services, and labour and capital used in producti



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