cover image: Planning for sustainable jobs 101 - A how-to guide for groups leading and supporting


Planning for sustainable jobs 101 - A how-to guide for groups leading and supporting

18 Mar 2024

4 | PLACE Centre | Planning for sustainable jobs 101: A how-to guide for groups leading and supporting green labour and skills transitions The overlap between training for sustainable jobs and training for uncertainty and a wide range of exercises and analytical meth- other non-green occupations simplifies the nature of planning ods can be used to navigate this challenge. [...] Finally, this broader and more inclusive perspective in the Sustainable Jobs framework relies on the availability of big data on a national Partnership Council and the Sustainable Jobs Secretariat (two level to identify trends, jobs, and trends that then feed into the groups that will be formed as a result of the act). [...] they touch on relevant challenges for skills training and educa- tion efforts, namely the need to engage ecosystem stakeholders in the process, the challenge of identifying specific skills and competencies for training within each sector or industry, and the difficult process of turning more abstract data and analysis into real-world skills and training programs. [...] Issues like whether reliable bus or many jobs will a particular opportunity or investment create in a train routes to their workplace exist, the quality of the highway specific community? This is a critical component of the discus- and road systems, and whether alternatives to personal vehicles sion but misses the other equally important side of the equa- available in the community where the busin. [...] It will be up to researchers to interpret and student housing, cultural and linguistic supports, and career delineate between the tasks completed and the skills required to awareness and guidance.77 complete those tasks to then determine what should be taught in training and education programs.
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