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2016 National Water and Hydraulic Fracturing Survey




In response to these challenges, Canadian Water Network (CWN), an innovation hub for water policy and practice, and Canada’s leading water research design and management organization, launched its water and hydraulic fracturing program, which is focused on identifying the priority knowledge needs of government and industry, and working to strategically address those needs by providing decision-rea [...] In 2014, CWN funded five national multi-disciplinary research projects to identify the top priority knowledge needs and the best options to advance them to enable effective decisions related to management of risks and impacts of hydraulic fracturing on water. [...] See Appendix A for the list of knowledge needs and opportunities, and corresponding instructions to survey respondents, presented in sections 1, 2 and 3 of the survey. [...] The goal of the survey was to determine where shared regional and national priorities exist, and to begin to identify the best opportunities to advance knowledge through a shared investor approach. [...] Cumulative Effects and Monitoring, Assessment and Management in Hydraulic Fracturing 
 The specific knowledge elements, including the best indicators and appropriate thresholds, required to effectively manage the cumulative effects of resource development involving hydraulic fracturing.


health environment politics water quality hydraulic fracturing governance water research natural resources best practices groundwater risk water use human activities water governance cost–benefit analysis cost-benefit analyses water footprint environmental politics provinces and territories of canada northern canada