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A Report on the Comparison of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data with Field Data over Reclaimed Wellsites in the Boreal Forest /




The locations of the profiles (A, B and C) are provided on the photogrammetric point cloud view to the left. [...] The following provides a short background and introduction to UAVs, followed by a description of the study area, the methods used in the study, the results, and finally, discussion and conclusion sections. [...] Once the VHM was constructed, a variety of metrics and statistics were calculated for each of the 5 x 5 m and 10 x 10 m plots, and the 10 m and 25 m transects (Table 5). [...] The 25 x 25 m plots were not used in this study as the majority of their area fell outside the footprint of the UAV imagery collected at the Bor6 site. [...] The objective was to derive the best possible linear regression model to describe the variation present within each field variable, and since the number of PPC variables is high and there is likely to be a considerable amount of multicollinearity between them, this was decided as the best approach to modeling the field variables using the PPC data.



agriculture environment science and technology uavs drone aircraft forest surveys geography geology photogrammetry regression analysis remote sensing statistics ecosystem nature akaike information criterion correlation and dependence natural science statistically median percentile p-values p-value lidar pixel image resolution unmanned aerial vehicle photogrammetric aerial photography in forestry lidar dtms