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2014 election platform : Programme électorale 2014 : Offrant le Nouveau-Brunswick un nouveau départ




What you now hold in your hand is the ignition switch to launch New Brunswick into a brighter future. Our policy committee has worked tirelessly, listening to experts and professionals in every field as well as consulting with people just like you. The results of these efforts are both creative and solidly grounded in common sense. We realized that we must not continue to do the same things we have always done and expect a different outcome; new ideas were needed for NB, and that's where the creativity came in. We also realized that our over-regulated and bureaucratic complexities often add to the problems that they were originally designed to fix; practical ideas were needed for NB, and that's where the common sense came in. By implementing innovative policies and eliminating unnecessary regulatory burdens, we can create a vibrant business atmosphere and set sustainable objectives for social policy.



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