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Stay the course-- and together we can secure the foundation that has been built




Information was provided by Community Wellness Workers, Mental Health and Addiction Workers, Clinical Supervisors, Directors of Community and Social Programs and Chief Executive Officers (at the Health and Social Service Authorities), Authority Chairs, Directors and Managers at the Department of Health and Social Services, the Steering Committee, the Assistant Deputy Minister, the Deputy Minister [...] Amid these concerns and other questions from constituents, MLA’s, Health Authorities and the DHSS, the Minister of Health and Social Services in consultation with the Joint Leadership Committee and the Joint Senior Management Committee determined that this would be a time to “take the temperature”, to ensure that the Mental Health and Addiction Services are meeting the needs of the community, and [...] According to the Terms of Reference for this report (See Appendix A), the purpose of this review was to conduct a report focusing on the Health and Social Services Department and Authorities, focusing on the key stakeholders of mental health and addictions services in relation to the 48 recommendations, since the release of “A State of Emergency…” in 2002. [...] In addition, this review examines the implementation of the mental health and addiction core service within the larger context of the overall health and social services as reflected in the Primary Community Care Model (PCCT) and in the Integrated Services Delivery Model (ISDM). [...] Since that time, the Department of Health and Social Services has integrated their mental health, addictions and family violence services into a core service of mental health and addiction services, with the Community Counselling Program or CCP as the core and central part of the service across the NWT.



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