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Community plan for a public system of integrated early care & learning : $10 a day child care plan




Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC & Early Childhood Educators of BC PAGE 7 Commitment from Federal and Provincial Governments While the design and delivery of systems of early care and learning are provincial responsibilities, both provincial and federal governments have an obligation to honour their commitments under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. [...] Adequate and Stable Funding A transformation of early care and learning services from the current “user fee” market system to a publicly funded and delivered system is critical to the success of the Plan. [...] PAGE 8 Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning MoVInG froM a patchwork to a DeMocratIc SySteM Legislative and Policy Change This Plan proposes a sea change from the current patchwork of fragmented child care services to a cohesive, demo- cratic system of early care and learning. [...] A New Home for Early Care and Learning in the Ministry of Education While BC’s public schools face many challenges, a new home in the Ministry of Education provides an historic op- portunity to extend the strengths of the public education system to a public system of early care and learning. [...] A New Role for Boards of Education With a new home in the Ministry of Education, elected Boards of Education would be mandated and funded to plan, develop, and govern the delivery of a range of early care and learning (ECL) services in their districts — whether these services are located in community or school facilities.


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