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26th Meeting of the Community of Interest Advisory Panel Post-Verification Review Report




This report is organized by the following sections: Section 2: Overview of Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Section 3: Overview of the TSM verification system and COI Panel post-verification review Section 4: Results and discussion of the 2016 post-verification review: Hudbay Minerals Section 5: Results and discussion of the 2016 post-verification review: Suncor Energy Section 6: Key ref [...] Figure 1: TSM assurance levels 3 COI Panel Post-Verification Review Process The purpose of the post-verification review is to have the COI Panel lend public credibility to the TSM results by: Engaging in dialogue with the companies undertaking the PVR to identify best practices and challenges on environmental and social issues faced by mining companies and communities; Driving continued perfor [...] Rather it should focus on building a strong dialogue with the companies selected to undergo the PVR process to gain a better understanding of the successes and challenges regarding the key environmental and social issues in mining; to challenge the companies on their performance; and determine whether verification is working as the Panel expected. [...] The scope of the PVR process includes the verification process (design, etc.), the verified results, and lessons learned and changes needed to improve performance identified by the company. [...] March 2017 As part of the process, companies undergoing the PVR are asked to prepare a Company Background Document and webinar presentations to help the Panel understand the company, its verified TSM results, and any relevant background information prior to the Fall COI Panel Meeting.


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