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Final report : Literature review of the role of alcohol and drugs in contributing to work-related injury




A total of 31 papers were identified which addressed the issue of a possible association of an individual’s usual or typical use of alcohol over a relatively prolonged period and the likelihood of workplace injury [7- 37]. [...] Of the 31 papers reviewed, 19 reported results compatible with an association between alcohol and workplace injury, and for 16 of these the use of alcohol increased the risk of workplace injury. [...] Rather fewer papers have addressed the question of whether alcohol use in the period the time of a workplace injury, or while at work, are a risk factor for the occurrence of an injury. [...] Of the remaining five, one asked about alcohol consumption of alcohol immediately prior to going to work or at work during the past year [7], one asked about alcohol consumption in the 24 hours prior to the injury [15], one asked about the use of alcohol (or marijuana) at work [29], one asked about alcohol (or drug) use in the 6 hours prior to the injury and at work [30], and one tested exhaled br [...] A number of studies have tried to address the possibility of an association between the use of illicit drugs and workplace injury, and the majority have also included information on the use of alcohol [27-36].



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