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A Jurisdictional Review




In the context of energy development, the utility scale solar and geothermal sectors are the least developed globally and as such, so is science based research on the impacts to wildlife and wildlife habitat (Northrup & Wittemyer 2013). [...] The jurisdictional reviews reflect the findings of Northrup and Wittemeyer in that solar and geothermal projects were new in comparison to other energy development types (oil and gas, wind). [...] Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) Fish and Wildlife Policy division is in the process of developing wildlife directives for Alberta solar and geothermal energy projects. [...] Government Actions Regulation (GAR) (Government of British Columbia 2004) under o It is the local jurisdiction’s responsibility to address impacts to wildlife and FRPA enables establishment of wildlife habitat areas (WHAs) for species on the wildlife habitat. [...] Ontario Applicable to Solar: o The Renewable Energy o REA APPROVAL o PROVINCIAL Approvals (REA) (Regulation Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) oversees the The Green Energy Act, 2009 (Government of Ontario 2016) 359 of the Environmental REA process and associated compliance.


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