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A foundation for Alberta's health system




Meeting these and other challenges will require a dramatic shift in the way things are done.3 Reducing the burden of disease, illness and injury is the best way to ensure that the health system has the capacity to deliver compassionate, safe and quality care to Albertans in their most vulnerable times of illness and disability. [...] That is why the legislative framework outlined in the following pages makes specific recommendations to ensure the principles and intent of the new Alberta Health Act apply to all health legislation and regulation, and provides clear direction to policy makers and health governing bodies and regulators. [...] The framework includes the new Alberta Health Act, which: • Establishes principles with which the system and other health legislation must align • Provides direction for health policies, programs and services • Is enabled by regulations developed through consultative processes Policies Health Policies are the responsibility of the Minister and Ministry of Alberta Health and Wellness. [...] Yet through housing and poverty relief, thereby support for wellness and the prevention of illness and injury has the reducing their health potential to reduce stress on the health system and help people avoid the consumption.” effects of accidents or illness. [...] Legislation the system operates and provide the flexibility and scope necessary to deal and regulations must change to recognize this with the demands in health today and the future.


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