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A policy and planning framework for marine protected area networks in Canada's oceans




Impacts that alter the structure and resilience of foodwebs and the ability of species to perform ecosystem functions, such as recycling nutrients or helping to regulate climate, affect the ability of the seas to sustain us. [...] The solution to providing effective biodiversity conservation at the scale of the Pacific coast of Canada is to create an array or network of component MPA units that taken together effectively enhance the management effects/benefits of individual MPAs and provide for the conservation of ecosystem function and effective management of large-scale processes and patterns. [...] II Natural area of land and/or sea designated to (a) protect the ecological integrity of one or more ecosystems for present and future generations, (b) exclude exploitation or occupation inimical to the purposes of designation of the area and (c) provide a foundation for spiritual, scientific, educational, recreational and visitor opportunities, all of which must be environmentally and culturally [...] Recovery and protection for species and populations Certain places in the ocean are of particular importance to the resilience of species and populations. [...] Convention on 2004 Decision VII/28, Protected areas (articles 8 a to e), Biological Diversity which cites as the overall objective of the program Conference of the of work (paragraph 18), annexed to the decision, Parties 7 the establishment and maintenance – by 2010 for terrestrial areas and by 2012 for marine areas – of comprehensive, effectively managed, and ecologically representative national



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