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A survey of the attitudes of employers in Newfoundland and Labrador toward the recruitment and employment of new Canadians and international workers




While less than 10% of the firms in the random sample had employed New Canadians or international workers in the last five years and New Canadians and international workers make up less than 10% of the workforce in the firms that hire them, there may be good reasons for the lack of penetration of this group of workers into the Newfoundland and Labrador labour force. [...] However, if you combine the responses into agree/disagree, 59% of the firms that hire New Canadians disagree and 62% of the firms that do not hire New Canadians agree that assessing the qualifications and training of New Canadians and international workers may be difficult. [...] In addition, the statistical analysis indicated that: • there was disagreement with respect to the difficulty and expense of recruiting workers from outside of the province - 72 % of the firms that do not hire New Canadians agree compared to 48% of the firms that hire New Canadians and international workers; • firms that hire New Canadians are more likely to disagree with the statement that Canadi [...] Obviously, in terms of the distribution on respondents by the size of the firm, as measured by the number of employees, the random sample appears to be reasonably representative of the Business Registry, the population from which the sample was drawn. [...] Specifically, the construction industry accounted for 10.6% of the sample and 10.8% of firms of the Business Registry; the accommodations and food services industry represented 9.0% of the sample and 8.3% of the Business Registry; 3.5% of the sample and 3.7% of the Business Registry came from agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting; the transportation and warehousing sector comprised 4.7% of th



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