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2006 Census housing series : Série sur le logement selon les données du Recensement de 2006. Numéro 18. Conditions de logement des ménages monoparentaux




The 45 to 64 and 65 years and older age groups were the source of the increase in the growth of lone-parent-headed households in 2006, while the number of lone-parent-led households led by persons younger than 45 declined (see table 1). [...] The majority (70%) of those renting their Ontario 32.0% Manitoba 29.3% accommodation lived in other types of dwellings.9 Saskatchewan 29.1% Alberta 23.7% About 27.2% of lone-parent-led households British Columbia 31.4% Yukon 31.3% were in core housing need in 2006 Northwest Territories 38.9% 51.7% In 2006, 303,330 lone-parent-led households (or 27.2%) Nunavut were in core housing need, compared to [...] In 2006, the incidence of core of lone-parent households not in core housing need (at. [...] Source: CMHC (Census-based housing indicators and data) Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 5 Research Highlight 2006 Census Housing Series: Issue 18—Housing Conditions of Lone-Parent-Led Households The incidence of core housing need among 51.3% unemployed lone-parent-led households was 51% in 2006 41.9% 36.0% In 2006, of the 303,330 lone-parent-led households in core housing need, about 39% w [...] Among renters, 27.6% of males, and 2006 were in core housing need, compared to 14.1% of 45.7% of females were in core housing need in 2006.



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