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The faces of lung cancer report / : 2015 faces of lung cancer report




THE FACES OF LUNG CANCER REPORT NOVEMBER 2015 THE FACES OF LUNG CANCER REPORT LUNG CANCER When a patient receives a lung cancer diagnosis Fighting this disease requires the courage of a patient in Canada, it triggers an avalanche that devas- plus a team of dedicated healthcare professionals TAKES THE tates and impacts countless lives and systems and a support system made up of the individual’s clo [...] The Faces cancer, with a low five-year survival of Lung Cancer report aims to give a voice to lung rate of 17%.1 cancer patients and their caregivers by informing Several disparities in the diagnosis the public on the status of lung cancer in Canada and treatment of lung cancer exist and providing awareness and education about the across Canada and within each various disparities that exist. [...] Amongst Canadian patients a growth in the lungs is cancerous, and decide if the cancer has spread with NSCLC, the most common type of lung cancer, the proportion of to other areas of the body. [...] The results were ‘ear-opening’ and •. Give a voice to the emotions, challenges, and needs of those that tell an unheard story of an incomplete circle of care in lung cancer face this disease on a daily basis – one that has a significant impact on both patients and caregivers throughout the cancer journey.


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