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Growth in household incomes and shelter costs, 1991-2006 : Évolution du revenu et des frais de logement des ménages, 1991-2006




This issue Census data used in the analysis of costs and incomes exclude complements those analyses of housing conditions by reviewing farm, band and reserve households; households with incomes of zero or less; and households whose shelter costs equal or economic developments and the associated income and shelter exceed their incomes. [...] Property taxes also During the 1990s, changes in household incomes drove increased faster than the cost of living from 1991 to 2006.6 shifts in housing affordability.9 Growth in shelter costs did A further consideration is that it is the purchase price of a not differ appreciably in the first and second halves of the home, not its current price, that influences the monthly shelter decade (see Tabl [...] Average household income can be thought of as a weighted average of the incomes of owner and renter households and, as such, can grow because the incomes of owners or renters grow or because the relative proportion of owners and renters shifts in favour of the higher-income group (i.e. [...] Despite than incomes in the Atlantic provinces and Ontario, and incomes these increases, the average STIRs for all households and for had the upper hand elsewhere, especially in the Northwest renters remained below their 1996 post-recession peaks. [...] The high STIRs in Ontario and and territories, the incomes of owner households ranged from British Columbia were in part a reflection of high shelter costs, two-thirds higher to more than double those of renters in but such costs were also high in Alberta.


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