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A profile of women's health in Manitoba




These developments situate A Profile of Women’s Health in Manitoba as part of ground-breaking work in exploring indicators of health status, outcomes and health system performance in the international arena, including appropriate sex disaggregation in collection and reporting of data and the use gender-based analysis. [...] The Profile presents and blends current health administrative and surveillance data and up-to-date research literature, with the additional investment of local knowledge about the lives of women in this province. [...] The history of the settlement and colonization of Manitoba, and the distribution of the arable and non- arable land, has led to considerable disparities in economic development and economic stability. [...] Under the federal system of government, health is a matter of provincial jurisdiction; provinces are responsible for health budgets and monies and the provision of health care. [...] Distinctions are made between and among Aboriginal women and men residing on reserve, off reserve and in rural and urban settings, and the provision of health care and services may be broken along federal, provincial, regional and band community lines.


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