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A review of the state of the field of workplace learning : Field review, workplace learning and performance




Workplace learning and performance refers to the interlinked practices of performing job-related tasks, building capacity to perform those tasks (as in work and learning) and measuring outcomes of those efforts in terms of both the individual’s capacity to perform and the impact on the organization that sponsored the learning program. [...] In the area of diversity, future research might address these issues: • Understanding of the causes of problems faced by workers in various demographic groups, and increasing opportunities for these workers by better appreciation of their needs and the roots of the prejudice they face. [...] Defining the Field of Workplace Learning and Performance Although many people use the terms Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP), Training and Development, Human Resource Development, Learning and Development, and Work and Learning, to refer to the same general types of work, each of these terms carries a slightly different definition: • Training and Development refers to two types of activiti [...] The goal of the literature review was to: • Produce comprehensive bibliographies in each area • Synthesize the key findings in the literature in the area • Identify gaps in the literature • Make recommendations for future research Canadian Society for Training and Development Field Review—Workplace Learning and Performance—15 Each of the four areas was reviewed separately. [...] In response to globalization and the increased availability of information technology in the workplace, organizations continually look for ways to reduce costs and improve service and these efforts, in turn, result in redefinitions of jobs and the competencies needed to succeed in them.


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