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"Protecting animals, food, and people"




Our vision is to protect the health and welfare of animals, the safety of food and the health of people. [...] In the last few years there has been increasing recognition, in human and veterinary medicine alike, of the strong inter-relationships among protecting the health of animals, protecting the safety of food and protecting the health of people. [...] Protecting the health and welfare of animals is the traditional role of animal Animal Health & Welfare health agencies and departments of agriculture. [...] However, the Office of the CVO integrates animal health and welfare, food safety 21 “Protecting Animals, Food, and People” Manitoba’s Animal Health and Food Safety Strategy for the Future and veterinary public health in a holistic approach. [...] Four major strategic themes have been identified that will form the basis of programs and services offered by the Office of the CVO: Protect the health of the public from diseases of animals that can pass directly or indirectly to people.


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