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A brave new world?




The purpose of this report is to examine some of the stated positions of Access Copyright, and also to provide documentation of these positions. [...] The methodology used for this report involved researching the Access Copyright website and the websites of its board members, and extensively examining the transcripts of the Parliamentary hearings at which Access Copyright appeared in relation to Bill C-32. [...] Our concern, the mischief we were trying to prevent, was the way in which material could be sent in digital format outside the classroom.” (source: 19/heri38_blk101.html) Example 2: Photocopying and the Role of Photocopiers The role of photocopying and photocopiers was also brought up during the November, 19th, 1996 Parliamentary hearing [...] They know perfectly well it's going to be used to infringe copyright and to make money off the back of it.” (source: 19/heri38_blk101.html) During the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications meeting of April 15th, 1997, CANCOPY discussed the “proposed immunity for self-serve photocopiers.” Allegedly, in the original vers [...] An example provided by CANCOPY was that the revenue they receive from universities could be cut back as much as 45% due to the “interlibrary loan exception and because of the possibility that some of the multiple copying can be done by libraries.” If CANCOPY is able to licence a particular work, they should be allowed to do so, and that “if interlibrary loan is so important to academic libraries,”



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