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A learning guide to public involvement in Canada




An earlier version of the document was prepared for two researchers from the National People’s Congress of China who completed a three month study attachment to learn about public involvement practice and theory in Canada. [...] It offers a comprehensive overview of the theoretical underpinnings of public involvement and practical examples and tools to help readers plan and implement their own public involvement program or project. [...] The second section draws on resources from Canada and around the world to provide a solid overview of the theory behind public involvement and background on deliberative democracy theory which has influenced the field. [...] Section 10 gives the user some examples of different elements of public involvement projects, from issue framing and preparing the participants, to analysis and reporting on the outcomes, with links to materials from CPRN’s citizen dialogues and examples from the U. S. based National Issues Forum work. [...] National Civic League and Jossey-Bass, San Francisco 3. Trends in Public Involvement Trends in Public Involvement in Canada (CPRN / Ascentum) Beyond the Ballot, 57 Democratic Innovations from around the World.



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