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A research report on the role of consumer driven disability organizations in the non-profit sector : Research in action




This study addresses disability policy and the future role of consumer driven organizations in the non-profit sector as it examines the role of such organizations in the shifting disability movement into the new social movement. [...] In 1991, the Federal Government enable progressive process of citizens with announced the re-commitment to the Canadian disabilities to take responsibility for the Independent Living Movement, with the development and management of personal and extension of financial support to the ILRCs until community resources” (CAILC Membership March 1996. [...] The Paradox of Leadership in Consumer Driven Organizations – Leadership Critical and in Need of Rejuvenation Summary of the theme: We know that leadership is critical to creating social change and the new paradigm. [...] The importance of good leadership has been critical throughout the history of the non-profit sector (Light, 1998) and has been recognized as a requirement for the sustainability of the disability movement. [...] The strongest leaders are articulate and informed, as noted by a representative from government: The thing is that when you’re talking and philosophizing about the human rights issues, the visionaries out there are not by the thousands and the ones that have your attention are the ones that can stand up and speak to those issues super eloquently.


health government education politics science and technology capacity building case studies canada culture disability ethics leadership social capital welfare people with disabilities qualitative community disabled research methods inclusion further education society independent living nonprofit organizations council for canadians with disabilities nonprofit organization grassroots independent living movement self-advocacy