Collision with terrain
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Collision with terrain




The FO then installed a forward-facing passenger seat on the left rear side of the cabin adjacent to the entrance door, entered the cockpit through the cabin, and sat in the right seat. [...] An ANB paramedic occupied the rear-facing seat that was installed behind the captain’s seat on the left side of the cabin, and a nurse from the Grand Manan Hospital occupied the forward-facing passenger seat. [...] The captain closed the cabin entrance door from the outside, entered the cockpit via the cockpit door, and sat in the left seat. [...] The aircraft became airborne and began to bank to the left, then the lower portion of the nose landing gear strut and wheel assembly separated from the aircraft. [...] Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 703.37 requires that the load restrictions, the weight and the centre of gravity of the aircraft conform to the limitations specified in the aircraft flight manual (AFM).9 Additionally, the aircraft operator must specify in its company operations manual (COM) its weight and balance system, as well as instructions to employees regarding the preparation and accur

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