Population and public health ethics
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Population and public health ethics




To that end, I will briefly discuss the differences between public health ethics and bioethics; address the context of the application of ethics in public health; outline the role of ethical frameworks and ethical theory; and examine the growing relevance of public health ethics to public health policy. [...] Following from Dawson and Verweij’s conceptualization of public health, it is important to note that there is significant overlap between the values of public health and those of biomedicine.2 What helps to distinguish public health ethics issues is that they go beyond the level of individuals and require “collective interventions that aim to promote and protect the health of the public.” 2 Thus p [...] Paul Farmer has argued for the importance of integrating social sciences perspectives, particularly an- thropology, to examine the role of oppression in understanding health issues.5 Recently, considerable attention has been devoted to the existence of inequities leading to disparities in access to health and health outcomes.6 Many of these disparities are rooted in the social determinants of heal [...] These include 16 effectiveness, proportionality, necessity, least infringement and public justifica- tion.13 I have proposed the following four principles to guide the justification of public health intervention in the course of health protection activities: the harm principle; the principle of least restrictive or coercive means; the reci- procity principle; and the transparency principle.14 Ethi [...] Every province in the country is striving to provide the necessary care to individuals affected by the latest strand of the virus and the same level of intense activity is seen in the research setting.

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