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A National Scan of Teacher Preparation and Social /




Social-Emotional Learning of Students Key Finding 2: The promotion of Students’ SEL Students’ Social-Emotional Learning is given little attention in required courses in teacher preparation programs in colleges of education in the U. S. The overwhelming majority (51-100%) of teacher education programs in 49 states did not address any of the five core District of Columbia. [...] Moreover, the authors of the report highlighted the relative lack of In 2005, the National Council for Accreditation of cohesion among coursework, student teaching Teacher Education (NCATE)37 conducted a survey experiences, and supervision and emphasized to ascertain the status of child and adolescent the need for teacher candidates to receive development courses in teacher preparation organized e [...] To address this, in the fall of 2013, we conducted a scan of SEL in teacher preparation certification requirements and teacher preparation programs in the U. S. To our knowledge, this is the first-ever scan of SEL content in pre-service teacher education programs. [...] Teachers’ SEL: Teachers own SEL competence and well-being plays a critical role in influencing 3. Social Awareness: The ability to take the the infusion of SEL into classrooms and schools.42 perspective of and empathize with others from Jennings and Greenberg37 reviewed literature linking diverse backgrounds and cultures, to understand teachers’ SEL competence and student outcomes social and ethic [...] The Learning Context was the most highly As can be seen in Figure 4, the majority of states addressed category in the teacher certification included the four dimensions of the Learning requirements across the states.


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