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A practical guide to strategic enrollment management planning in higher education : Strategic enrollment management planning in higher education




R. B. Wilkinson Pitt sburg State University James S. Taylor University of Aveiro & Center for Research in Higher Educati on Policies, Portugal Angé Peterson, University of Central Florida . Maria de Lourdes Machado-Taylor Center for Research in Higher Educati on Policies, Portugal     A Practical Guide to   Strategic Enrollment Management Planning   in Higher Education [...] Strategic Vision   Step 12: Vision Statement  NO Agreement on Vision?  YES ‐ GO TO PHASE V    Educational Policy Institute    22    Strategic Enrollment Management — A Guidebook  Phase V Consensus Building   Step 13: Strategic Step 14: Share plan Step 15: Make Goals  with campus  appropriate  modifications  NO Agreement  on  Goals?  YES ‐ GO TO PHASE VI Phase VI Action Operational Plans  Step 16: [...] However, committee members do need  to become  familiar with  theses  requirements  and have easy access to those individuals who have a more detailed knowledge base.    Step 7: Informal Expectations  What  are  the  social  and  cultural  expectations  placed  on  the  institution?  Does  the  campus encourage visitors? Is  it seen as a key player  in economic development? Is the  institution e


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