Teams in action : Équipes de soins de santé primaires au Canada
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Teams in action : Équipes de soins de santé primaires au Canada




Acknowledgements The Health Council of Canada gratefully acknowledges the significant efforts made by numerous people in the federal, provincial, and territorial ministries of health—as well as in other departments, agencies, and on the front lines of health care— in participating in interviews and responding to our requests for information for this report. [...] In addition, there is clearly a significant level of commitment and In 2004, as part of the 10-Year Plan to Strengthen creativity in using teams to address specific Health Care, the federal government and all regional needs, particularly reaching out to the provinces and territories* committed to vulnerable or high-risk populations struggling ensuring that 50% of Canadians have access to with prob [...] And patients can expect to have more DESIGNED TO IMPROVE ACCESS TO CARE FOR PATIENTS knowledge and ability to manage their own conditions, because their team of providers is WITH COMPLEX CHRONIC CONDITIONS AND TO focused on working together to help patients stay as BETTER COORDINATE THE WORK OF THE MULTIPLE HEALTH well as possible. [...] The study will collect data on the outcomes of care, such as whether Another goal of the Integrated Health Networks is patients go back to hospital for the same condition, to improve service in under-serviced communities and will ask patients and health care providers about for patients with mental health conditions and their experiences with the newmodel of care. [...] The team approach helps over- come the limitations of lack of resources and staff, thanks to the ability to quickly refer patients or to call on other members of the team as required.

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