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A green light to moving the Toronto region




Regardless back to the turn of the last century, while most of the subway of the level of government – federal, provincial or municipal – system to the 1950’s and 1960’s; undoubtedly, still good there is simply not the money within existing revenue sources pieces to have, but by themselves, woefully inadequate for a to finance these huge investments. [...] In this regard, the Toronto No surprise then, that irrespective of who’s measuring, Region Board of Trade (“the Board”) welcomes the recent or how, the results are consistent: the Toronto Region’s launch of public and stakeholder consultations on this very problems of gridlock are amongst the worst of any major question by Metrolinx and the City of Toronto. [...] Starting with the release of The Move Ahead Another key component of The Big Move is about improving discussion paper and Vote Toronto campaign in 2010, further the efficiency of the road and highway network for drivers, advanced in 2011 with our Scorecard on Prosperity and Vote through improvements in traffic management systems and Ontario campaign, the Board put a special spotlight on the the id [...] A Green Light To Moving The Toronto Region / 4 Recognizing the commitment of our Members and Partners The Board gives special thanks to our many members and other community and corporate partners that generously gave of their time in participating in the revenue tool consultations undertaken by the Board during 2012 and into February of this year. [...] As the Board documents Scorecard on Prosperity and the background paper Reaching annually in its Scorecard on Prosperity, when it comes to Top Speed, the Board brought to the fore the now highly- getting people to and from work in a reasonable time, the quoted figures on what congestion costs the Toronto Region Region is the worst performer in Canada and near the bottom economy annually; namely, $


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