Seniors in rural Canada : Aînés des régions rurales du Canada
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Seniors in rural Canada : Aînés des régions rurales du Canada




The population in predominantly rural regions is relatively older – excluding the northern regions, predominantly rural regions have the highest senior shares in the country Rural metro-adjacent and rural non-metro- adjacent regions have higher senior shares than other types of regions in Canada (Figure 1). [...] Following the discussion above, it was communities in both rural and urban regions not surprising that not one community in showed the same distribution in terms of the share Canada’s rural northern regions was in the top of the population that was senior, we would quintile for the years 1986 and 1996. [...] Such a large rate of growth in the rural in the number of seniors, the growth rate was northern regions was largely due to a smaller lower in predominantly rural regions than in senior population that meant even a small predominantly urban and intermediate regions in absolute increase resulted in a large rate of both time periods. [...] Figure 6. The rate of growth of the senior population in predominantly rural regions is below the growth rate in urban and intermediate regions percent change in the population that is senior (65 years of age and over) 45 40 1986¹ to 1996¹ 1996 to 2006 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Predominantly Intermediate All predominantly Rural metro- Rural non-metro- Rural northern urban regions regions rural regions [...] The fastest growth was the senior population differs in the predominantly in the Territories – partly due to their starting with rural population across the provinces and the a small base, the rate of growth was over 50% in Territories.

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