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A parents' guide to common sense education in Saskatchewan /




The author of this study has worked independently and the opinions expressed are therefore their own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. [...] In 2010, Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Education released “Renewed Curricula: Understanding Outcomes,” which explained the philosophy behind the recent changes in the Saskatchewan curricula.3 It emphasized that the world is changing rapidly and that Saskatchewan schools need to change so that students are prepared for the future. [...] In short, advocates of 21st Century Learning say that the rapid increase in the amount of information and its accessibility via the Internet make it impractical for students to focus on the acquisition of knowledge. [...] This is why 21st Century Learning recommends reducing the amount of content in the curriculum, increasing the amount of personalized instruction and making technology available to all students in classrooms.8 As a case in point, in a blog post tagged “21 century learning,” the principal of an Estevan elementary school expressed pride at her progress in “moving our teaching from the traditional fee [...] In the introduction to his book, he says: The role of the constructivist teacher is claimed to be more of facilitation to provide opportunities for individual students to acquire knowledge and construct meaning through their own activities, and through discussion, reflection and the sharing of ideas with other learners with minimal corrective intervention.



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