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Decolonizing the Media

14 Nov 2016

Thank you also to the Reconciliation and the Media Committee, co-chaired by Mervin Brass and Betty-Ann Adam, for bringing the TRC’s Call to Action on the Media to public attention with the 2016 Reconciliation and the Media Conference. [...] While the TRC highlighted the news media’s role in shaping was mandated to explore but one aspect public opinion, including a long history of of the Indigenous experience in Canada — perpetuating negative stereotypes and under- residential schools — a much wider narrative reporting issues of importance to Indigenous of racism and colonial oppression underlay the communities. [...] Throughout the process, to the media’s potential as an arena for the the Commission’s work was the subject of news expression of Indigenous identity and the media attention, scant at first, then gathering promotion of social justice (TRC, Honouring the steam as survivors came forth with their stories. [...] Within this context, they issued “Many of the reporters who covered the National three Calls specifically related to the media, Events were themselves deeply affected by what highlighting the roles of the public broadcaster they heard from Survivors and their families,” (CBC), the Aboriginal People’s Television Network the Commissioners noted. [...] Continuing to provide dedicated require educa tion for all students on news coverage and online public the history of Aboriginal peoples, infor mation res ources on issues of including the history and legacy of concern to Abori ginal peoples and residential schools, the United Nations all Canadians, includ ing the history Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous and legacy of residential schools Pe
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