NMC Horizon Report: 2015 K-12 Edition / : New Media Consortium horizon report
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NMC Horizon Report: 2015 K-12 Edition / : New Media Consortium horizon report




Six key trends, six significant challenges, and six The process used to research and create the NMC Horizon important developments in educational technology are Report: 2015 K-12 Edition is rooted in the methods used placed directly in the context of their likely impact on across all the research conducted within the NMC the core missions of schools, and detailed in succinct, Horizon Project. [...] The adoption or intended to be a completely transparent window into abandonment of these technologies by schools will be the work of the project, one that not only provides very much determined by the responses taken across a real-time view of the work as it happens, but also the world to these drivers of and obstacles to innovation contains the entire record of the process for each of the and cha [...] Despite their diversity of backgrounds and experience, they share a consensus view that each of 1Which of the important developments in the profiled topics is going to have a significant impact educational technology catalogued in the NMC on the practice of K-12 education around the globe over Horizon Project Listing will be most important to the next five years. [...] Although many experience the benefits of blended learning schools faced technical issues in the first year of models.82 Drawing from best practices in online implementation, the benefits of the new model became and face-to-face methods, hybrid learning is clear; the environments allowed teachers to personalize on the rise in K-12 schools, and a growing number of learning and made it easier to faci [...] Faced with the possibility of closure due to poor the student-teacher role and dynamic as well as self- performance, administrators at Spring City Elementary directed learning for students.89 The “Develop” scheme persuaded their district to invest in technology and is the most informal layout provided, and it is based on piloted a blended learning approach of digital learning the idea that indepen

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