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Grossly Indecent

13 Jun 2016

Michael currently holds the Frederic Bastiat Fellowship in Political Economy at the Mercatus Center, a Junior Research Fellowship at the NATO Association of Canada, and a Junior Fellowship at the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect at the Munk School of Global Affairs. [...] The Department of Defence, Canada is a diverse and pluralistic society, As Justice Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and all queer Canadians deserve truth and pointedly asserted that the state had no place the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and reconciliation for the historical misuses of in the bedrooms of the nation. [...] A national security program authorized by the highest- echelons of the Canadian government following the Second World War impli- cates the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, and the Department of National Defence. [...] The Government of Canada must honour the full truth of historical queer injustice which affected women and men, cis, trans and intersex, of of Section 15 of the Charter, and advances formal equality before the law, notwithstand- every ethnicity and background, including toward formal equality through the courts, ing the exclusion of sexual orientation from those with indigenous identity, through h [...] EGALE Human Rights Trust THE JUST SOCIETY REPORT History Beginnings: Aboriginal and Western Experiences Pre-Contact The appropriate starting point TNuarttiloen Island: The First in a particular manner, which might for a consideration of the s and Two Spirits include wearing the dress of the oppo- social problem of state spon- site gender to the one assigned to them sored homophobia, biophobia and
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