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Climate leadership team

30 Nov 2015

Given the new wave of positive action sweeping the globe in the lead-up to the United Nations Paris climate summit—and the increasing need to act urgently and decisively—the government’s timing is fortuitous. [...] James Tansey Page 6 of 36 OVERARCHING FRAMEWORK Based on a review of its mandate, and a discussion of its mandate with the Minister and the Chair, the Climate Leadership Team focussed its work on developing recommendations for the B. C. government that would concurrently achieve to the greatest extent possible the previously mentioned Cornerstone Objectives. [...] Based on this evidence and the economic modelling from Navius, the Climate Leadership Team is recommending that B. C. continue to use our strongest tool to reduce emissions, and recommence the annual increases in the carbon tax starting in 2018, when the Page 9 of 36 carbon tax freeze ends. [...] The Climate Leadership Team further recommends that the annual increases in the carbon tax are reviewed in five years, however, the modelling indicates that increases in the range of $10 per tonne per year will be required through to 2050 in order to achieve B. C.’s 2050 targets. [...] The scale of the LNG development that will unfold in B. C. and the technologies available will also influence the level and timing of achieving the emissions reduction targets and goals.
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