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A comparative review of suicide and self-injury investigative reports in a Canadian federal correctional population : Étude comparative des rapports d'enquête sur le suicide et sur l'automutilation chez les délinquants sous responsabilité fédérale au Canada




The offenders included were the subjects of investigations by the Investigations Branch of the CSC and were residing in CSC’s institutions or in the community during the incident. [...] The proportion of Aboriginal offenders in the population was comparable to the proportion in the overall federal offender population. [...] The proportion of the self-injury events that occurred in the Prairie and Quebec regions was low relative to the proportion of CSC’s population in these regions while the proportion of self-injury events that occurred in the Atlantic and Pacific regions was higher. [...] Given the evidence in the literature that the behaviours are distinct, we hypothesise that there will be a differences both in the profile of the offenders involved in incidents of SIB and those who died by suicide and in the circumstances surrounding the incidents. [...] None of the offenders had an initial self-injury report followed by a suicide investigation (i.e., none of the self-injurers escalated to suicide during the period that was under investigation) and therefore for the purposes of the offender profiles, the suicide and self-injury groups are mutually exclusive.



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