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A secondary school adapted to the needs of youth in supporting their success : École secondaire qui s'adapte aux besoins des jeunes pour soutenir leur réussite : avis à la ministre de l'éducation, du loisir et du sport




In outlining the key stages of adolescent development in youth aged 12 to 17, the Conseil acknowledges the scope and complexity of physical, psychological and cognitive change that occurs during adolescence and that this greatly influences both the mission of secondary school and the role of adults who work with youth. [...] A Long and Complex Period Of Development To further its understanding of adolescence and the needs of youth at this critical stage of their lives, the Conseil examined a number of literature sources,namely the studies of the influential PanAmerican Health Organization (2005). [...] Following its examination and analysis of the key stages of adolescent develop- ment, the Conseil advanced the theory (later confirmed by views expressed by players during the consultations) that a secondary school able to meet the needs of youth is a school that must have at least two of the following three conditions in place: • The school-family partnership is very important and recognized as a [...] This form of professional development could become a powerful lever in the professionalization of teachers and encourage some of them to pursue higher certification.3 In addition,access to magisterial and doctoral degrees in the field of continuing education represents an exciting opportunity,both in potential benefits for the community as well as in enhancing the value of the teaching profession. [...] The stability of the administrative staff and other members of the school team is one means of ensuring the transfer of institutional values fundamental to an appropriate response to the needs of youth.



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