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Toward Global Protection for Traditional Knowledge /

13 Nov 2018

Rights of Indigenous Peoples;12 the Swakopmund Examples include the Indigenous Peoples Rights Protocol on the Protection of Traditional Knowledge Act of the Philippines and Guatemala’s law for and Expressions of Folklore (adopted under the the protection of the nation’s cultural heritage.5 auspices of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization);13 and the Nagoya Protocol For the most [...] Among the causes of the frequently sought, through regional or multilateral cacophony are that several powerful competing agreements, to strengthen and harmonize the rights values are implicated by most controversies of Indigenous groups and to expand the geographic involving traditional knowledge, and the strength reach of those rights.6 The principal outcomes of each of those values varies sharp [...] They The combination of the patent grants to the IRD subsequently explained their motives as follows: and the absence of any provision for the individuals or groups that the researchers had interviewed National research and innovation policies came to the attention of Thomas Burelli, a legal in most countries, including France, have scholar at the University of Ottawa, and France strong expectatio [...] Most of Australian Aborigines who live in the significantly, Wandjina are luminous and Kimberley region, near the town of Derby in imposing, their dark eyes gazing out from the northwest corner of the continent.37 Within their white face mesmerise, appearing the community are three language groups: the to rise out from the rock surface.38 Wororra, the Ngarinyin and the Wunambal. [...] Many In 1959, the occupation of Tibet by the People’s observers lamented the atrophy of some aspects of Republic of China prompted the Dalai Lama the traditional rugs.56 Most carpets sold in Europe and approximately 100,000 other Tibetans and the United States as “Tibetan” continued to to flee their country.
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