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20 years later : Twenty years later : has free trade delivered on its promise?




One of its initiatives signing of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement by was a multi-page insert in major newspapers Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan.1 The trade deal entitled, Straight Talk on Free Trade, touting the changed the course of Canada—but has it delivered benefits of the FTA, dismissing its critics, and on its promise of more and better jobs; of improved warning of the dire consequences [...] Back in 1989, The list (Table 1) compares the employment and however, it billed itself as comprised of 150 leading revenue performance of 41 companies in 1987, the companies, but then with combined assets of only year leading up to the signing of the trade deal, and $1 trillion (revenue figures were not provided). [...] Since the combined revenue of who better to deliver on the promise of jobs than the CCCE member banks and insurance member the companies themselves. [...] We deliberately excluded banks and insurance companies from the list, even though they comprise The main findings of this analysis are as follows: a prominent segment of the CCCE, because the • 13 companies in the group increased their focus of the free trade debate was on trade in employment by a combined total of 88,580 goods—since it comprises the bulk of Canada- employees. [...] This is the first time the average real hourly • The presence of foreign-owned corporations wage has failed to grow since 1914, when data were in the CCCE, prominent at the time the FTA was first collected.3 Average labour productivity, on the signed, has grown even stronger after several waves other hand, has continued to grow steadily since of foreign takeovers.



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