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Poverty" : Report on the income security review in the context of the GNWT's strategic plan "Building on our successes 2005-2015




"This report ... begins with an overview of historical approaches to addressing poverty. It then reviews the current international and Canadian context in terms of poverty, including a summary of efforts to reduce poverty in other jurisdictions. It continues with a general discussion of poverty reduction strategies and their core elements. This is followed by a summary of the limited information available about poverty in the NWT. The report then provides an analysis of the consultation process and the reforms presented by the GWNT in 'Building on Our Success - Strategic Plan 2005-2015'. One component of the work on this Strategic Plan was the Income Security Review. The report summarizes and critiques the findings of this review. The Strategic Plan and the recommendations arising out of the Income Security Review are then compared to an effective Poverty Reduction Strategy. Recommendations are offered at the end to improve both the Strategic Plan and Income Security Programs"--



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