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15 May 2024

This gives time to address the shortcomings in the proposed act, as it undergoes parliamentary scrutiny at the committee stage. [...] The facts on the ground supporting a registry were well-known and well understood by the government by then. [...] The 1938 US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) – enacted to track the work of German propaganda agents – requires registration for activity intended to, or even “believed” to, influence the US government or any section of the US public regarding: (1) formulating, adopting, or changing the foreign or domestic policies of the United States or (2) the “political or public interests, policies, or. [...] Australia’s Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme, initiated in 2018, requires persons acting on behalf of foreign governments or their affiliates to register if their activities involve general lobbying or communicating with the public and undertaken “for the purpose of political or governmental influence.” The UK’s Foreign Influence Registration Scheme requires registration of foreign agents for. [...] At the end of the day, the registration system is about disclosure, transparency and a legitimate need to know, providing information in the public interest.



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