C.D. Howe Institute

C.D. Howe Institute

Type Think Tank
Website cdhowe.org
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1958
Location Toronto, ON Canada Canada
Budget USD <499k
Functions Research
Tags health energy trade education economics governance employment social policy international affairs taxation and fiscal policy industry and services
Summary The C. D. Howe Institute is a Canadian nonprofit policy research organization. The institute publishes research that is national in scope and hosts events across Canada on a wide variety of issues in economic and social policy. As a non-profit, politically independent organization, its official mandate is to improve the standard of living for Canadians through public policy solutions.

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C.D. Howe Institute · 16 March 2023 English

The Tribunal concludes that the merger is likely to lessen competition substantially, but, following Southam, accepts the parties’ submission that divesting a division, call it Asset A, will eliminate the …

C.D. Howe Institute · 16 March 2023 English

Situated at the end of the supply chain, the big supermarket chains have been singled out as the main culprit for these price increases, with a particular focus on their …

C.D. Howe Institute · 14 March 2023

The joint statement and decisive action of the Treasury, Federal Reserve Board and the FDIC might shore up confidence. [...] Clearly the plan is to use the FDIC’s fund to …

C.D. Howe Institute · 13 March 2023 English

From: Glen Hodgson To: Canadians Concerned About Climate Policy and Competitiveness Date: March 13, 2023 Re: Budget 2023 Needs to Meet the US Industrial and Climate Policy Challenge The Canadian …

C.D. Howe Institute · 7 March 2023 English

The federal tax is levied on the volume of liquid sold in a container. [...] Thus a 30 ml container of e-liquid carries a tax of $7 and a 120 …

C.D. Howe Institute · 2 March 2023 English

Although the median vote of Council members was for no change in the overnight rate target at the upcoming announcement and the April announcement, three of the 11 members attending …

C.D. Howe Institute · 2 March 2023 English

Current record low unemployment rates mask the reality that lasting COVID-19 impacts and ongoing recovery are varied and that the country still has work to do. [...] Learning losses are …

C.D. Howe Institute · 28 February 2023 English

And adding to the challenge, the digital shift will require new skills from the existing workforce – one quarter of Canada’s four million tradespeople will need to retrain on evolving …

C.D. Howe Institute · 24 February 2023 English

Some quick background: The Competition A c t is a federal statute designed to protect the market; the bureau is its law enforcement agency; and the commissioner is its head. …

C.D. Howe Institute · 22 February 2023 English

Between the Great Financial Crisis and the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the supply of high-grade government bonds in advanced economies was limited by declining budget deficits. [...] At the …

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