cover image: Online Appendices The Doctor Dilemma: Improving Primary Care Access in Canada By Tingting Zhang


Online Appendices The Doctor Dilemma: Improving Primary Care Access in Canada By Tingting Zhang

15 May 2024

14, 2022, In June 2022, a new- Opening of several undergraduate medical rostering registry for pharmacists will adapt to-practice incentive primary care centers education seats and up to individual family doctors and renew prescriptions program for family throughout the province 88 new residency seats at and nurse practitioners for a wider range of physician signing the (including a new family the. [...] team-based services in program, tripling from of Health and Doctors extending the valid Sooke, and eight new 32 seats to 96 seats by of BC are establishing a period of prescriptions The new payment model, urgent and primary care March 2024. [...] year, with additional Memorial University’s mobile clinics to be Undergraduate Medical The Family Practice launched in 2024 to Newfound- Education Program Start-Up Program increase primary care land and for students from the provides $100,000 to access.province, and five seats new family practice Labrador in the Family Medicine physicians who open a Budget 2024 includes Residency Program for famil. [...] To date, there are 25 model option for care teams to Community Pharmacy family physicians that optimize scope of Primary Care Clinics will increase their practice and reduce across the province and compensation based on administrative six Pharmacist Walk-in the hours worked, the burden and time Clinics+ at Lawtons services they provide and away from patients Nova Scotia Drug Stores the number of p. [...] more than $50 million health care providers International Physician Nurse Practitioners: in annual funding is working to the top Practice Assessment • Extended privileges for expected to introduce of their scope and program, and $1.8 admission and discharge of a new primary care improving access to million for the Rural patients in some hospital areas.
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