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24 May 2024 Intelligence Memos From: Robert Dimitrieff To: National Security Watchers Date: May 27 2024 Re: Pulp and Paper Supply Chains are a National Security Vulnerability In the shadow of escalating global conflicts and the pressing demand for military supplies, a critical component of national security is being overlooked: The strategic importance of pulp and paper. [...] This is part of a Chinese “fibre grab,” a whistleblower told reporters in an investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and 39 media outlets, including the CBC and Glacier Media. [...] Ottawa’s failure to recognize the strategic military applications of the pulp and paper sector in its national security reviews reflects a broader lack of awareness of the importance of maintaining control over critical supply chains. [...] Again, one finds that a wider and more detailed understanding of the supply chain networks for critical infrastructure and national security, and their intrinsic role in supporting the defence industrial base, is missing among policymakers. [...] Even industrial sectors that during peacetime are not directly considered part of the defence industry, such as pulp and paper, must be protected and maintained in the interests of national security.



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