cover image: Eris



11 Jun 2024

An anarchist online group sets out to assassinate the corporate elites they believe have turned culture into a digital nightmare.

“A blistering look at what our online and offline lives have devolved into at the hands of our corporate tech overlords and their lackeys in government.” — ROBERT J. SAWYER, Hugo Award–winning author

Don Barton is the visionary creator of Greenhouse, a popular immersive game where millions play at “saving the environment” in the surreal digital landscapes of the metaverse. Now retired to his plutocratic wealth, he learns his teen son, a gifted gamer, has suddenly gone missing, having joined a terrorist group led by a mysterious young woman, Eris, a former cryptocurrency trader. She’s on a mission to destroy the world’s entertainment and social media platforms and assassinate the corporate elites who run them.

In desperation, Barton roams Greenhouse, the only place his radicalized son will talk to him, learning that the game — his life’s work — is on the terrorist hit list. And both his life and his son’s are in danger.



Larry Gaudet

Published in
Toronto, CA

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