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Dundurn Press

Type Other
Website dundurn.com
Year founded 1972
Location Canada Canada
Summary Established in 1972, Dundurn Press is one of Canada’s largest and leading independent trade publishers. With over 2,300 books in print, Dundurn Press is recognized for producing high quality, award-winning books across multiple genres. We publish books that reflect the world, satisfy curiosity, enlighten, and entertain. We seek to amplify and elevate exceptional Canadian voices to the world, particularly those that have not yet been discovered or have been previously underrepresented in trade publishing.

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DDN: Dundurn Press · 5 July 2022 English

A meticulously researched account of the lives and relationship of Ernest Hemingway and his fourth wife and widow Mary Welsh Hemingway.

DDN: Dundurn Press · 1 March 2022 English

An intimate and wide-sweeping climate fiction story that examines the staying power of the human race through the life of a young marine biologist who works to save ocean ecosystems, …

DDN: Dundurn Press · 1 March 2022 English

Three strangers of different origin meet at the frozen Beaver Lake on the top of Mount Royal in Montreal. Day by day, a multilayered emotional drama of love, loss, and …

DDN: Dundurn Press · 22 February 2022 English

In Di-bayn-di-zi-win: An Ojibway-Anishinabe Pedagogy, makwa oginaa (Jerry Fontaine) and ka-pi-that (Don McCaskill) tell their di-bah-ji-mo-wi-nan (personal stories) to explore an Ojibway-Anishinabe worldview and way of life through the cultural, …

DDN: Dundurn Press · 22 February 2022 English

A searching, self-deprecating memoir of a man on his way to eating himself to death before discovering the anxiety and fulfillment of distance running.When Robert Earl Stewart sees his pants …

DDN: Dundurn Press · 22 February 2022 English

After John A. Macdonald’s death, four Tory prime ministers — each remarkable but all little known — rose to power and fell in just five years. From 1891 to 1896, …

DDN: Dundurn Press · 15 February 2022 English

Learn how to thrive in an economy being taken over by robots and other advanced technology. Artificial intelligence. Machine learning. Algorithms. Blockchains. The Internet of Things. Big data analytics. 5G …

DDN: Dundurn Press · 8 February 2022 English

As 2037 Canada is ravaged by illness, one woman and her AI companion enter a dangerous bubble of the superrich.Montreal, 2035: a fledging synthetic consciousness “wakes up” in a lab. …

DDN: Dundurn Press · 1 February 2022 English

Stories of the hopeful, brave people who fled slavery and made Toronto their home.“An engaging and highly readable account of the lives of Black people in Toronto in the 1800s.” …

DDN: Dundurn Press · 25 January 2022 English

After an avalanche kills their parents and Children's Services threatens to separate them, three siblings run away to hide in the mountains. Pursued by search teams, they face hunger, injury, …

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